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Antivirus Apps for iPhone 6

Most people treat their smartphones in a careful way as they use the objects on a daily basis. Especially those who own smartphones that are expensive like an iPhone. Because of this, people make sure that they have apps that would protect the phone from any issues and threats that the device may face.

One of the issues that many people worry about is getting a virus on their phone. Like your computer, it is possible for a virus to appear on your phone. Any virus is capable of accessing someone’s personal information. This are why there is many antivirus apps available for many mobile operating systems.

Many iPhone 6 users use antivirus apps, while other users want to know more about antivirus apps for devices that run on iSO. This will show you all you need to know about antivirus for iPhone 6 users and the best paid antivirus apps.

Many people will state that iSO users do not need an antivirus app on their device. That is true since Apple designed their operating system in a way where it is a walled garden. A walled garden means that the carrier has control over what applications can be accessed over the operating system.

Any type of wall garden should keep the phone safe from malware and viruses. However, there have been reports of some issues with the wall garden. People have had viruses on their phones either due to a wall garden malfunction or due to their own negligence by opening links from suspicious sources.

Another way for the wall garden to malfunction on an iSO device is to jailbreak the phone. In technology, a jailbreak is to change a phone or other device by installing software from an unauthorized source. This allows people to override the wall garden and access restricted files and apps.

Due to the fact that many websites have programs that claim that it can jailbreak your phone, you run the risk of getting a virus though some of these programs.

That being said, many iPhone users have opted to install antivirus apps to avoid situations like the ones mentioned above.

Many people, when it comes to antivirus, have trouble choosing between a free one and one that you have to pay to use. While the free antivirus doesn’t cost a thing, most have limited functions. Most free antivirus apps only protect against viruses and not malware.

Paid versions of antivirus apps cover every possible problem that can happen on your phone. The usual problems that paid antivirus programs, protect against include viruses and malware. Viruses and malware can affect the way your phone works.

Although it is rare for Apple users to get a virus on their iPhones, it is still possible. For those who want safety and protection for their expensive phones, antivirus apps are available on the Apple app store.

It should be noted that Apple, in recent years, has started to come down on antivirus apps in the app store. Because of this, there are not that many apps that provide protection from harmful threats in the store. But the apps that are still around to for iPhone 6 users to download as antivirus software.

There are many brands that have apps available as antivirus for iPhone 6. There are free apps that you can download. Lucky for most people, many of these apps are free. This includes apps from well-respected and trusted antivirus brands such as McAfee and Norton.

However, most of the paid antivirus software has a free version or at least a trial version. It is important to separate these apps from the free ones since you get more with a paid version of antivirus software.

The following apps are the ones in the app store that has a paid version available for download.

The Best antivirus apps for i phone 6

  1. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Trend Micro Mobile Security has many options of security plans available to purchase in the app. The cheapest plan is a $2.99 monthly subscription while the most expensive is a $49.99 2-year license to use the software.

However, there is a free trial of the premium version that lasts for a week. If a user does not buy an activation key, the app automatically downgrades into the free version. But the free version is not as great as the paid version.

This antivirus is said to act like a shield when people use any browser, especially the one provided with the app. Trend Micro blocks websites that look fake, since these are the websites that usually cause people to get viruses on their device.

Trend Micro also helps protects your phone from identity theft and it also backs up your files on your device. One of the most interesting features of this app is that it helps you find your device, if it goes missing, via GPS and Wi-Fi.

The main concern that users have had is the fact the app auto-renews any subscription associated with Trend Micro. The only to avoid auto-renew is to change the settings is to go into account settings.

Another problem is that users are not allowed to cancel the subscription if it is active. This is terrible for people that finds another antivirus that they like better than Trend Micro. It is also terrible for those who are not happy with Trend Micro and want to delete it.

Despite the fact you cannot cancel an active subscription, Trend Micro Mobile Security is great for people who are constantly on their browser. It is also great for users that constantly lose their phones since you can locate it by GPS.

  1. Max Mobile Security

For $9.99, iPhone users can protect their phone through many ways. One of the most interesting features that the app provides is the fact the app helps remove duplicate photos.

Other features include complete protection from unsafe websites, Wi-Fi security, and anti-thief. The features are similar to other apps, but this one works great.

Max Mobile protects users on Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi hubs are not that secure since everyone is on a device. This make phones and other devices vulnerable for against attacks via Wi-Fi.

The app protects users on Wi-Fi, and it makes it safe for those who want to check their bank account or apps like Etsy and Amazon.

Like Norton and McAfee, Max Mobile makes it easier for those who lose their phones. There is an alarm that helps people find any lost phones.

While Max Mobile Security is not really an antivirus app in a traditional sense, it is similar to an antivirus software. This app protects the phone from any web attacks or hackers looking for any personal information.

People are mixed about this app since some hate it while others find the app to be excellent. This app is worth it for those who are weary with free Wi-Fi hubs. The protection should make it comfortable to buy something on any app in public.

  1. Lookout Premium and Lookout Premium Plus

Lookout is one the best antivirus apps that are available in the Apple app store. There are three versions of it: the free basic version, the premium version, and the premium plus version.

The premium version costs $2.99 for a monthly subscription or $29.99 for a year. This version has all the features of the basic one. The basic version includes security features, backup, and phone location.

The security features include alerts about out-of-date software and scans for malware and viruses for apps. The backup features allow the app to make copies of files such as contacts into a cloud where users can get access to on other devices.

There many alerts that the app offers for lost phones, including alerts, signal flares, and syncing with Apple Watch.

Lookout Premium offers more protection than Lookout Basic. The features of premium are a breach report, theft alerts, and photo backups.

The breach report is a new feature that was released on the newest update (on February 3, 2017). The report alerts users if an app or service that you use on your phone has had a security breach. The reports include advice on how to protect your personal information.

This breach report is great for everyone. Hackers always look for personal information, which could be used to steal people’s identities. This feature is great since people are able to protect their identity in a more effective way.

Theft alerts is great since it is common for people to steal the phones of others. This alert allows the user to see if any suspicious activities mean that their phone has been stolen. Theft alerts notify the user via email.

The photo backup is great for those who take a lot of photos on their iPhone, and it is great for anyone that accidentally deleted a photo. It also allows people to free up memory on their iPhone since the app acts like a second cloud for photos.

Lookout Premium Plus has all the features of the basic and premium versions, and more protection for users. The features in Lookout Premium Plus includes identity theft protection, SSN watch, social media watch, identity restoration & insurance, and lost wallet recovery.

Identity theft protection and social media watch monitors a person’s account, whether it is personal and financial or their Facebook account. Identity restoration and insurance features 24/7 help if you are a victim of identity theft.

The most important feature is the SSN watch. This feature provides a history of everything or account that features your social security number. The app provides alerts if there are any changes as a precaution against identity theft and fraud.

Both of the paid versions of Lookout are more than an antivirus app. Both versions protect a person’s personal information, and phone from hackers and scams. This app is really the best one featured in the app store.

  1. F-Secure SAFE

Like Lookout, F-Secure SAFE has more than one paid version. However, both versions offer the same protection. The only difference is that the $14.99 version is for 1 device, while the $59.99 is for 3 devices. Both are a yearly subscription.

F-Secure SAFE has many features that protect the user and the user’s children. These features include device location, child protection, and safe banking.

The most interesting and unique feature is the parental control. It is not uncommon for parents to either let their children use their phone or buy a smartphone for their children. It makes sense that parents want to protect their children from looking at inappropriate things.

This feature allows users to use parental control in the browser as safe search and time limits are available in the settings of the apps.

Like most antivirus apps, F-Secure has ways to locate any lost device. The finder control is located in a user’s F-Secure account. This will find a lost device anywhere.

This app protects the user privacy by providing a safe browser for people to use. The F-Secure browser that keeps users away from unsafe websites. This is great for people who like to use secure browsers.

Despite the fact there is not a free version of this app, F-Secure SAFE is worth the yearly price. This is perfect for parents due to the parental control options, and it makes it easier for people to locate their phones via the internet.

There are options for those who want an antivirus for iPhone 6. Although there is a small amount of antivirus apps in the app store, the ones that are available are very useful.

While there are some free antivirus apps that are better than the paid ones, the antivirus apps that people have to pay for are usually better. The antivirus apps that have to be brought offer more protection against online threats and hackers.

The only problem with buying antivirus apps is that if it does not work on all iPhones, this means that people have wasted money on an app that does not work. Because of this, people should be careful on what app they purchase. People should only buy apps that fit their needs.

No matter what kind of antivirus apps people choose to buy, it is important to have one if there is any hacks or other threats to anything that is on a person’s iPhone.

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