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Do I really need antivirus for iPhone?

A lot of misconceptions among self proclaimed iPhone security "specialists" that there are no viruses, malewares, spyware and so forth because iOS is extremely secured are plain misleading and untrue especially if your device is jailbroken.
Although iOS considered to be the safest of all smartphones OSs it still poses threats for the unprotected.
And believe us, you don't want to live even a half a day without your beloved phone, nevertheless, share your personal data, contacts, passwords, pictures, videos, calendar, secrets(!!!) with hackers all around the world.
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Number 1 pick for a free AntiVirus app

Lookout - Free by Lookout

Lookout is an important-to-have piece of app that an iPhone owner (iOS 4 , iOS 5 and 6) should have, not only because the price is right! Lookout provides additional layer of security for your device and without slowing down your phone. Among other features, Lookout will warn you if you connect to an unsecured WiFi hotspot that could expose your personal data and passwords, notify about settings or out-of-date software that could put you and your privacy at risk, fix iPhone security vulnerabilities and can also inform which apps are using your GPS (for your location tracking purposes). overall a great app!  [Click here for the complete list of our best picks]



Number 1 pick for a paid Antivirus app

VirusBarrierIOS by intego

Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch is a new vector for bringing files into your home or business network. While there is no known malware for iOS, files can flow through your device into your computers at home and at work, by e-mail, or via remote locations such as MobileMe or Dropbox. Mac and Windows viruses, malware and worms will take any path they can to get into your home and work computers, and can easily be passed on to friends and co-workers directly from your iOS device.             [Click here for the complete list of our best picks] 

More recommended choices

Secure my iPhone free - protect your smartphone when it's away!

iTunes direct link


Secure Web Browsing Lite - a dedicated browser which leaves no trails and deletes your browsing history.

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