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Free Antivirus for iPhones

Everyone is always on their smartphone, and because of this, hackers and others have taken advantage of this fact. Hackers and the like have found ways to steal people’s information and private files. All smartphones, both cheap and expensive, are vulnerable in this way.

Since iPhones are expensive, people will do anything to protect them. People purchase objects that are able to protect their phones such as phone cases and screen protectors. Because this, people tend to download apps that claim to protect their phones. These apps include antivirus software, battery life monitors, and data protection software.

These protection apps have a range costs from free to over a 100 dollars. Nothing is better than getting something for free. Even if the free object is an antivirus app for an iPhone.

Free Antivirus For iphones

While it is common knowledge that Apple products rarely have virus and malware problems, it can still happen. The most common causes for this problem include opening suspicious links either on Safari or the email app and people using jailbreak software to override the iSO of their phone.

For people who want to keep their phone’s secure, despite the fact that it is not technically necessary for iPhones, there are a few apps available at the app store. While there are only a handful of antivirus apps in the app store, many are completely free, while only one app has both a free and premium version.

Although Apple has cracked down on antivirus apps recently, there are still are antivirus apps available on the app store. Here is a list of the six free available antivirus apps for iPhones that are in the Apple app store.

  1. Norton Mobile Security

Currently free in the app store, iPhone users can use one of the best and trusted antivirus software around. Despite people hating the mobile version of Norton, it is really one of the best antivirus software for your device.

It should be stated that many of the negative reviews stems from the fact that people had assumed that the mobile version of Norton would be similar to the computer version. Another problem that some people had with this antivirus is that it only works when the app is open.

While a smartphone is able to function like a computer, it does not run the same way as a computer. Smartphones have different operating systems and they have different security needs compared to a computer. This is especially true for devices the runoff iSO.

Smartphones can get viruses, but it does not happen as often as it does for a computer. But for those who want to be secured using their smartphones, Norton Mobile is one of the best in the market.

Norton mobile security has some interesting features. The best one of these features is an alarm that helps users locate their phones. This loud noise, the works even if the phone is set on vibrate, is perfect for those who have a tendency to lose their phones around the house.

Although it is horrible that Norton only works when the app is open, this app is still amazing. This app is great for those who love Norton Security’s other products since it is slightly similar.

  1. McAfee Mobile Security

Like the mobile version of Norton Security, popular computer antivirus brand, McAfee has a mobile version of their software. It is similar to Norton in that many people felt disappointed that it does not work like the computer version of the software.

People have to remember that a smartphone is not like a computer. Smartphones have different functions than a computer, such as it is easier to make phone calls on a phone. Also computers and smartphones have different vulnerabilities to online threats.

There are other problems that people have had with this app. Many complain that the mobile version of McAfee crashes. The app has recently updated, so it’s possible that the company have fixed this problem.

Despite that there are problems with this app, this app has many great features. Users can set secure personal PIN that shields your private information. This is the most important feature of this antivirus app.

The PIN protects the memory of the smartphone. Other features include the fact that users can encrypt files such as photos. Users have the option to backup the encrypted files on iCloud.

Despite some of the problems, this app is great for iPhone users that want to protect their files from being hacked. The encryption feature makes McAfree Mobile Security one of the best free antivirus apps around.

  1. Lookout Basic (The Free Version)

The paid version of Lookout, that you can buy in-app, is one of the best antivirus apps you can buy. That being said, the free basic protection of this app is great. The basic protection does not protect you as well as the paid version, but it will protect you from some important problems.

The features of the basic protection include an anti-theft, back-up, and security. These features are important since it protects your phone from most threats just like hackers.

Like most antivirus apps with an anti-theft features, the basic version features an alarm that makes noise that helps people locate their phones. There are other locate features such as signal flare and location help with Apple Watch.

The signal flare keeps a phone’s location if the battery is running low. This will help people who lost a phone that has no power. It will make it easier to find it with the alarm.

Apple Watch can help people who have both an iPhone and watch in that the watch can show the distance between the two items. This is very convenient for people who own both products since they have the easy ability to find their lost iPhone.

The backup features allow people to save copies of contacts, and you can download these files to another device. The security alerts users if your phone has out-of-date software or if it has a jailbreak.

There are also app monitors that check apps for any malware or viruses.

This app is great and one of the best in the app store. The app is perfect for anyone that wants a basic protection. It is really one of the best free ones, and for those who want more features, the paid version is better than the free.

  1. Avira Mobile Security

Avira Mobile Security is a great free antivirus. It has many features that protect iPhones from many threats. These features include a hacked email check, a phone alarm, and software checker.

The software checker checks if your iOS is updated. Software that is not updated runs the risks of threats that include viruses and malware. Avira helps protects your phone from these risks by checking your software.

One of the most important features that Avira offers is the email check. This safeguard checks if a user’s email address or if one of their contacts have been hacked.

Although only a few emails have been compromised (somewhere between 5 and 10%), it is great for those that are always using email apps. The reason is that many viruses come from compromised emails.

Like most antivirus apps, Avira offers a loud alarm that helps people find their missing iPhone. The app lets people connect a total of 5 devices that you need to find.

One of the problems that some people had with the app is that they felt that the app only checked your contacts. While others believe that this app is a scam, and others think that the app is easy to use.

Whatever you think this app is useful or not, this app does check for things that most antivirus app does not. This app checks your contacts, which is great. This app is great for anyone that wants to make sure that their phone does not access any threats from emails.

  1. Avast SecureMe

Following in the steps of McAfee and Norton, popular computer antivirus Avast has a mobile version. However, unlike the mobile versions of McAfee and Norton, Avast SecureMe is not as confusing as it was produced specifically for smartphones.

The fact that the name is different from the computer version of Avast allows users to assume that the app is not exactly like the Avast they know and use.

Avast SecureMe has a feature that keeps iPhones safe from many problems that happens with smartphones such as hackers and viruses. This feature is that it protects people when they are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi networks are very vulnerable to hackers; it does not matter if it’s a secure network or not. This app is supposed to alert users if there are any threats on any website they visit or apps they use. It also notifies users if their network is unsecured.

The app is basically a VPN (virtual private network) that keeps users safe from data theft. It uses virtual encryption to secure any internet network the user is on.

There has been some criticism for this app. Some people think that the app is useless and while others feel that it is just a ploy by Avast to get people to download their VPN. But others find that this app works excellently.

This may not solely focus on antivirus and malware detection, but it does focus on a cause of viruses entering smartphones, which is unsecured internet networks. Avast SecureMe allows users to avoid any threats by alerting them to it in real-time.

  1. MobiShield

MobiShield is an antivirus app that is much more. MobiShield includes features that allow users to monitor phone functions such as battery life and storage. It also lets users backup contacts and check Wi-Fi connections.

This app differs from the others on this list by the fact users can monitor many phone functions in real-time. This is great for those who want to make sure that their phone is working properly.

It also allows users to backup their contacts like most of the apps in this list. This is important for everyone that wants to save all their friends, colleagues, and family’s information.

But this is not the main function of the app. MobiShield is a phone check-up. This means that the app scans and repairs any vulnerabilities that the phone might encounter. The app also looks for any possible jailbreaks.

The reception for MobiShield is mixed. Some people have had problems with the app because it will randomly crash in some devices. Other people have said that this app is perfect and works great.

MobiShield is a great app for those who wants to keep track on every function on their phones. It is also great for those who wants an app that scans and repairs any threats and vulnerabilities that could happen to an iPhone.

Although it may crash for some people, it is worth a try. If it does not work for you, then you can always delete it from your iPhone. Remember it is free, and you did not waste any money for an app that did not work.

There are very little antivirus apps available on the Apple app store. Apple had removed many of these apps, but there are some that are still in the store. Like most apps on the store, there are some free antivirus software apps that are better than some of the paid ones.

Most people who own an iPhone knows that it is not necessary for them to download an antivirus app, unlike those who use an Android device. Apple designs their products, especially the iPhone, in a way that prevents most malware and virus threats.

Since many phones and operating systems can malfunction, people like to protect their phones with apps that can protect it. Not every app on this list will work for every iPhone and people will find some of the apps to be useless. But since these apps are free, everyone should give them a try.

And if the apps don’t work, at least you did not spend money on them.


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